Welcome to the Virtual Age

Welcome to the Virtual Age. These next couple of years are going to redefine how we interact with the virtual world. With the advent of immersive consumer Virtual Reality comes so many possibilities for the future it is impossible to list them all here. I believe VR is going to shake the foundation of human interaction with computers and technology, more so, in my opinion, then mobile phones has effected us. The things that can be accomplished with VR are hard to put into words. I want to be on the cutting edge of this frontier helping forge the path through the many things that Virtual Reality can afford us. I am not just talking about games, which I admit is the focus of my company, but for the many things that VR can apply to that is not even entertainment but in other fields like health care, education, industry, security, and the list goes on. I believe these other fields have many untapped potential avenues for VR to effect them to the core an shake up the norm.

I am excited to be on the road that I am on. I am excited to share this road with all that I meet. Last but not least I am excited to see where the future of VR takes the human race. I cannot wait to spread my vision to all of northeast Florida and get other people excited about VR as well.

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The VR Party Guy


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