What is VR?

Virtual Reality is not really a new term, or a new concept. It has been around for many years. “Despite all the movies, books, and hype about virtual reality over the decades, the dream of high-quality, immersive VR has only just arrived.” Michael Abrash said this in an email sent out 3/31/16 titled “Welcome to the Virtual Age.” With the advent of the first consumer headsets that deliver true presence, this is allowing on a large scale the introduction of immersive VR to the masses. So what is VR? Virtual Reality is a goggles and controllers that allow your mind to be transported to different worlds. If you would like to see what worlds you can be transported to please see our available games.

What should I expect in VR?

This is hard to explain in words. It also depends largely on the person. For most people you can expect to be transported to a new world where your brain is convinced it is there. This will allow you to have interactions like fighting aliens, shooting drones, sculpting great works of art, or just chilling on a beach in Italy, all within the comfort of your home.

What should I expect from VR Parties?

VR Parties will deliver Virtual Reality to your party. You can think of us as a futuristic DJ whose purpose is to entertain guests through a VR headset. Now since only one person can use VR at a time you will need to have other things to do as well.

Does VR Parties have a physical location?

We currently do not offer a physical location. Though plans are in the works to set one up. Destin is the first place on the list for a physical location followed by Panama City Beach.

Where does VR Parties Operate?

We serve people in the Pensacola, Destin, and Panama City areas. If you are outside of these areas feel free to contact me anyway. Maybe we can work something out.

Who is The VR Party Guy?

Check out the About Page.

What games can I play?

Check out my Available Games.

Can I wear Glasses?

Yes, though large glasses can be an issue. It is possible to still use the headset without glasses.

Will I get nauseous or dizzy?

Most people have a false idea that they will get sick from VR. Most of the time though this is far from the truth. This is nothing like riding a roller coaster or a theme park ride. The use of VR is grounded in what our brains already understand and as long as the games you play fall into this realm there will be no issues with the vast majority of people. Most people will have no issues with it, but I have noticed that some have anxiety around the fact they cannot see their hands and feet.

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